Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Days 35-?

OK, so I have gotten a bit behind with this project. I started composing this post weeks ago, and posted it by accident. I intended to fix it that day. Well, that was July 6th and today is July 26th!

I need to get on the ball!

Actually, what I probably need to do is get rid of the ball.

More on this soon...

I promise.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 31-34

We have returned home. There has been very little time to get back to the physical aspect of my program. Instead, I have been working to maintain the changes that I implemented last month. My closet is still neat and conveniently organised. I have weeded through all of my daughters' toys and clothing. The local thrift store has been the recipient of many of our extra belongings. Still, there is too much. I feel weighed down every time I look into my laundry room (thankfully it has a door). Our closets and drawers have plenty to wear in them, yet the floor of my laundry room is covered with washable items. One large pile of dirty laundry (mountain may be a better term) and and smaller pile of clean laundry. No matter how many times I reorganise this room, no matter how many times I "catch up" on all the laundry, it always turns back into this; the seat of clutter for the whole house. It drives me crazy. I let it steal my joy. How ridiculous of me...
Maybe getting rid of things, possessions, is only an outward manifestation of an inward quest. Maybe I want to reduce the physical clutter in my life because my spirit needs decluttering. It is no use doing one without focusing on the other. I need to clear my mind of the wasted thoughts; the worry, the what ifs, and the comparisons. It seems to me now, that mental discipline is what I need to work on if I wish to live a truly simple life. Or should I just try to reorganise my laundry room one more time. That would probably be easier, but even if I could keep my laundry room neat as a pin and all the clothes washed and put away, would something else sneak in and upset me? Would it be the dishes after dinner or the dust bunnies under the bed? How does the external order of my environment really effect my internal peace? And should it? The quest continues.