Friday, May 2, 2014

My first love

Sometimes when I reread my work, I sound silly to myself; all this ridiculous wrestling with existentialism. Reading about the saints only makes me seem more ridiculous. It rattles me to hear about the many persecuted Christians of the past and present. Do I have a faith that can withstand torture? Do I even want that kind of a faith? Right now my faith in the holy God of scripture is a win/win thing for me. My belief in Him gives me purpose and meaning in our ever increasing culture of fast paced images and information. I have a center. I have peace. I also have a moral code which I know will ultimately lead to a more fulfilling and deeply meaningful existence then adhering to the ever popular scapegoat of moral relativism could ever give me. Devoting myself wholeheartedly to one man for life will give me the best odds for fulfilment that human relationships have to offer. Loving my children and pouring my heart and soul into theirs may lead to disappointment, but loving my children and being with them is food and drink to my often weary soul.
The precepts and teachings of Christianity are the beautiful jewels in the crown the redeemed. That is not enough though. Christ has ought against me...

"Dear Lord, show me your face that I may once again look into your eyes and know that it is not a religion which I love. Help me to remember to do more then hate evil. Help me to remember to love the Lord and giver of all life from whom all goodness and the strength to do good proceeds. Help me to love you. Amen."