Work by Bryan Marchese

 I worked on this timber frame gazebo while employed by Trail Ridge Timber Frame.

These are photos of a bathroom remodel and cabinetry I designed and built for the homeowners through my own company, Fitly Joined Construction.

More examples of my timber frame work 

Timber frame beams in a clear story, the joinery was cut on the three principle beams after having been set; 20 foot in the air. 

Coffered ceiling; designed and installed
Cabinets built and designed; book matched walnut milled and air dyed from timber harvested locally

Ceder and redwood Siding work 
Mahogany bay window with white oak sill, designed and built
Exterior of mahogany bay
Recycled Doug fir corbels cut with haunched tenon

Examples of my commercial work 

Recycled Doug Fir table tops

examples of my timber work performed while a subcontractor; post to plate connection (housed joinery)
My sideboard, designed and built
English Garden Bench; built
Built in hickory cabinets;designed and built while doing a remodel

Kitchen remodel; cabinets installed
maple hutch; designed and built

Custom library; designed, built and installed
Work I performed while employed by Stairmeister Log Works

Pictures of recent remoodel

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