Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Another sick day yesterday and the spelling continues...sort of

Madeline is not pictured because she felt much worse yesterday and confined herself to bed exept for an occasional foray into the kitchen to ask if she could confiscate my computer in order to play online math games. I told her to go back to bed and lie down. She was so unwell that she didn't even argue with my decision, usually. However, her persistent nature kept her coming back every hour or so to ask again. I think though, that she was actually relieved by my refusal so she could just lay in bed and rest. 

It was difficult to get a clear picture of Lydia. All this sitting around at home made it hard for her to rest, even though she had still felt sick to her stomach in the morning.
Unfortunately, Isabella doesn't get an alphabet cookie picture of her name. While she was at kindergarten in the afternoon I laid the letters for her name aside on the counter. The "King of the Sneak Attack," Reagan, ambushed the cookies when I wasn't looking however, and unless I can figure out how to spell "Isabella" with the random R's, X's and D's left in the cookie box, her name won't get spelled out till I make it to the grocery store next. That will probably be a while from now considering the rate of sickness per capita in this family and the fact that my husband and I am sharing one vehicle. No complaints however! This is just another chance for me to "make less work!"

Our sick day reading circle. Lydia got out some books and started reading to her siblings. From the picture you can tell that Reagan was obviously feeling much better. Allen's face also shows his mood. He was crabby all day.
It is always so beautiful when the children choose to sit together and enjoy an activity. It is especially lovely when I don't have to orchestrate it. This was a spontaneous moment of cooperation; a much rarer thing then I had imagined before I had children of my own. Although I am not quite sure why because my sister and I fought almost incessantly until I went off to college.


  1. I still to this day think fighting with your siblings is so much better then electronically induced indifference, I am sure though there were some days my mother would beg to differ lol.

    1. Electronically induced indifference is scary...children who are quiet because they are always sedated by technology are missing out on childhood; missing out on life. Maddy says that at recess all the kids take out their devices and zone out on them instead of playing together. Wierd!
      As I write this however, my children (all but Maddy) are in the other room watching a video. My mea culpa however is that Lydia is nauseus (sp?) so looking at a video helps her not lay there moaning. Maddy is home sick as well, but not as sick, so we are doing a science experiment. We just learned that measuring precicely IS important. (There is something to be learned from a failed experiement).