Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Waterlogged checks: Day 3

"In the confrontation between the stream and  the rock, the stream always wins- not through strength but by perseverance." -H. Jackson Browne Jr.

I am more and more struck by the value of consistent, deliberate, daily practices. With the constant unforeseeable interruptions brought into life by sickness, weather, and the dictates of a full family life, I find it very difficult to maintain the steady regular rhythm to my days that I think would be ideal. My big idea to rid myself of one thing a day for 30 days has already fallen by the wayside, or at least been forced out of the realm of consecutive and into the realm of successive. Due to the busyness of Father's Day, I didn't throw anything away that day. Then on Monday, I decided to jettison the above pictured boxes of checks from our former bank in Colorado. Ridding myself of them proved quite tedious however. Since I do not have a shredder, I decided to cut up the account and routing numbers with a pair of kitchen scissors. After cutting up the first box of checks, my right hand started to ache. By the time I had finished the second box of checks, I was on the verge of blisterdom. So, I opted for money laundering. I soaked the remaining checks so they would tear easily by hand. This meant however, that I had a clear plastic container filled with checks and water siting on my counter for over a day. Each one of my children felt the need to point this out to me. "Uh oh, Mommy. Look what someone did to your checks." This comment gives you a pretty darn good idea of the type of mischief my children regularly get into. Each of them could easily imagine one of their siblings immersing an entire box of checks in water. In fact they had probably considered doing it themselves.
So, after cluttering up my counter for a whole day because I was too lazy to finish cutting my checks by hand, I had finally rid myself of the extra weight of useless checks.
"But why were you keeping checks for accounts that you closed months ago anyway?" I can imagine you wondering. I really don't know. Maybe I was simply too lazy to properly dispose of them. Whatever the reason, I was holding on to them, and now I no longer am. I guess that counts towards one of my 30 days.
Even though it has been almost a week since I started this endeavor, I am only on Day 3. This is simmilar to my current attempt at doing a certain 90 day extreme fitness program. I received it in the mail two months ago, but I am only on the fourth week of exercises. There have been a lot of missed days. Oh, and my daily bible readings are not as "daily" as I would like either. Yet, a continual habitual practice of reading and prayer is the meat of the christian diet, so I will persevere. Writing and singing also require daily practice and for that matter keeping a clean house is certainly not the work of one day a week. Don't even let me get started on the laundry.
It seems that working towards a daily, preferably consecutive, practice will (hopefully) strengthen my self-discipline, making me able to grow in many areas of my life. So what should I get rid of today?

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