Friday, July 4, 2014

Mom's Mood Meter: Day 7

We have a lovely little consignment shop right here in town, which can at times prove to be a little too much temptation even for someone with my thrifty nature. "It's only a dollar (or two or four), so why not get it?"
Sometimes, buying something just because it is not a large investment doesn't make it a good buy and my "Mom's Mood Meter" proves just that. I purchased it thinking that it would make a humorous place to hang my keys. Once I hung it on the wall however, it became clear that it would not function well as a key holder, since it was hung by only one central nail. If I hung keys on the central hook, it rocked from side to side like a rocking chair while scraping the wall in a U pattern. Hanging the keys on one of the outside hooks, the entire thing hung askew. I tried attaching it to a side table with a combination of rubber bands and twist ties but it still flopped forward in a slovenly looking way. Since using it for my keys didn't work, it has been sitting on the side table next to where I set my keys, collecting dust. Looking at it now, I wonder why I ever bought it. Its ugly, plain ugly.
So goodbye mood meter. I am sure throwing you away will improve my mood immensely.
 "Bye, bye you useless piece of bric-a-brac."

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