Friday, April 24, 2015

Chocolate pudding

Few things are as much a comfort food as chocolate pudding. One of my favorite childhood memories is of going to my Oma and Opa's house. I would always be rude and look in their refrigerator, hoping to find Swiss Miss chocolate pudding cups. (My mom never bought such things, and I never understood why...until I had kids of my own.)
Her apartment was a treasure chest full of goodies, M&Ms in the living room hutch, chocolate pudding in the fridge, all sorts of German cookies or tins of dutch butter cookie assortments, each type stacked in crinkly little paper cups.
Well, I thought my Oma always ate such things and I loved her for it. It was just recently however that she informed me that she bought those pudding cups for me and my sister, knowing we would peek into her fridge, hoping for a treat.
My love of chocolate pudding has remained unhindered by my accumulation of years. Yet, I hate the waste of pre-made pudding in plastic cups. I have tried a barrage of different pudding recipes, all either too lengthy or too expensive to make on a whim (and when I think of chocolate pudding, I usually want to eat chocolate pudding NOW!) Recently, I came across a simple yet tasty recipe online. I have made it a few times now and it is always good. It doesn't need adjectives like "sinfully delicious", or "absolutely addictive" to describe it, but you don't always need the most amazing treat. Sometimes homey and comforting is just right.
I cut the sugar in half from 1 cup to 1/2 cup, but its is still plenty sweet enough for us! A half cup of maple syrup also works in place of the half cup of sugar, if you prefer.

The entire time that I have been typing this, my boys ages 5 and 2 have been jumping on me and asking, " Is the puddin done yet? Is it cold enough?" Then they run into the fridge and stick their fingers into the pudding. They are now a mess and so it the pudding.
Of course, you can eat it warm, but don't tell them. I am trying to get them to wait for lunch.

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