Monday, April 27, 2015

Living in my daydream

For years while we lived in Colorado, I would wish we could move back to New Jersey. I would imagine what it would be like to take my kids on walks in all the places I used to enjoy. One of the places I would daydream about was the old railroad bed that had been make into recreation trails. One such trail used to run right near my house, so in the years of high school, college and then into my pre-married adult life, I would spend hours every week, just walking the trail. Once I walked it from my house in Blairstown, NJ all the way to Stroudsburg , PA. I had a lot of free time then. 
I recently got my hands on a double jogging stroller (before that I was using a tandem double stroller with little solid wheels...way too bumpy for on the the trail.)
So for the past week, I have been exploring the part of the trail that runs near us here in this part of Jersey. When I watch my girls speed ahead of me on their bikes,  their jackets puffing out behind them in their wake, I know one of my daydreams has come true. So often, daydreams just fade into memory, lost in the impossibility of the wish. I am so glad to be living this dream.

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