Thursday, June 24, 2010

Days 14-24

Ten days... that is a lot of time to catch up on. I have many funny stories I wish I could tell. Most of them are about my many thwarted efforts to minimise my stuff in order to maximize my time. (A lot of time was spent trying to save time. I hope the long term dividends will outweigh my current expenditures). Unfortunately, I don't have much time to tell my stories in. Instead, I will update you with a few pictures of the results of some of my simplifying measures.

This is my closet since I cleared it out. All my clothes are in this side of the closet. All my clothes that is except the ones that need laundering or that I am wearing. I even have my underwear and sock drawers in the closet. Reevaluating my clothes cleared off some space on our shelves as well, so now I can store other things like...

the photo albums that I recently organised and labeled.

This is the top of those same bedroom bookshelves. It used to be covered with a motley array of things that I would categorise as homeless. In order to simplify I either found them a home or they went to the local homeless shelter; The Habitat Thrift Store, where they are currently awaiting a home.

Now I can lay on my bed and see these family keepsakes. I treasure each one of the objects on this shelf. I also treasure the space in between them.

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  1. I all about organizing. Simple, simple, make it simple. The less the better! Great job Stasia! Love that vase and clock!